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Toyota Cab Chop Plates

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Toyota Cab Mount Chop Steel Plates. (Pair)

Made in USA @ Flex Point Off Road

After lifting a vehicle, larger tires are a great way to increase off road performance. As tire sizes reach 33'' and above, modification to the fender well will be necessary to ensure there is enough clearance for the tire. On many Toyotas, larger tires will hit the body mount at full steering lock. By trimming the mount and welding on our body mount chop plates you'll be able to run larger tires and without any steering interference.

These plates are cut in house, and are a "Trim to Fit" product. They have a little more extra material on them so you can make them fit the first time. I have used other brands in the shop for my customers where they were too small, so I designed my own.

2004-Current Toyota 4Runner

2005-Current Toyota Tacoma

Here is a link to my Instagram showing the final product installed.

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