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#4802 Ultra4 Car Ross Glave

Ross Glave

Ultra4 Racing #4802





4770 Caterpillar Rd, STE G

Redding CA, 96003

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Ross Glave Ultra 4 Racing and Nor Cal Rock Racing #4802
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Warn Winch Ultra 4 Racing #4802 Ross Glave
Raceline Wheels Ross Glave #4802 Ultra 4
Ruff Stuff Specialties Ross Glave Ultra 4 Racing #4802
Trail Gear Ross Glave Ultra 4 Racing #4802
Team Yukon Ross Glave #4802 Ultra 4 Racing
Wilwood Disk Brakes Ross Glave Ultra 4 #4802


My current 2024 list of Racing Sponsors

-Nexen Tire

-Holley EFI 

-Trail Gear

-Yukon G
ear and Axle



-Nacho Offroad Technology

-Raceline Wheels

-Ruff Stuff Specialties 

-Wilwood Brakes

-TMR Customs

Vegas to Reno 2024 Ultra4
Ultra4 2024 Stampede Race

Vegas to Reno, 8/14/24 - 8/17/24

Nor Cal Rock Racing 2024 Schedule
Nexen Tires #4802 Ultra 4

Follow the Ultra4 Build on Youtube @RossGlave4802

Holley EFI #4802 Ultra 4
Torco Oils Ultra 4 Racing #4802
Ross Glave 4802 Youtube Page


6/28/24 - 6/29/24


Racing Experience 

2009-2015 Calrocs

Calrocs Ross Glave #4802

I entered my first Rock Crawling event in 2009 in Oroville CA, I read about the event in a newspaper giving me the "itch" to enter.  Starting out with my Self Built 1983 Toyota Pickup Truck, I quickly earned a reputation for being the only competitor that would drive my competition vehicle 200 miles each direction and compete all weekend and drive it home with no truck or trailer.  I would always get asked why I would do this, simple; I trust the work that I do and im on a budget.  Over the years progressing into higher classes in Calrocs I started to compete against some of the best in the industry leading me into where im at today.  Battling along side Derek Trent of Trent Fab; he gave me a fantastic Sponsorship of a Top Shelf Chassis that I finished putting together in 30 Days to enter the very first Ultra4 Legends Class (4800) King of the Hammers Race.  I pulled the tried and true Supercharged 3.4 Toyota engine out of my Calrocs Toyota and the 5 speed manual transmission with a Atlas Transfer Case and installed the parts.  On the King of the Hammers Race, I got all the way to the end with one mile left, I had a igntion fuse fail.  Without a flashlight I couldn't tell if the fuse was blown, even after pulling it out and holding it up into the moonlight three times.  I was hooked after this to race!  The same year of 2014 I earned the Title of the Calrocs Supermod Class Champion, competing at the courses of Oroville, Donner Ski Ranch and Browns Valley with my new Ultra4 Car.  During my Calrocs career I have earned 20 Trophies for podium wins.  

2011-2024 Nor Cal Rock Racing

Nor Cal Rock Racing Ross Glave #4802

In 2011 I took my Toyota Pickup from Calrocs and made some modifications to start to race Nor Cal Rock Racing.  I read about the event from a old CRAWL Magazine that I had bought a few years before.  I remember the cover was Kevin Yoder, the article was called Barn Built Buggies Rock.  Reading this article made me was to step up into going fast, racing with the big dogs.  This felt like the next step in my progression to find the next hardest thing to do.  I can remember my first race, going across the whoop section that John Goodby put together made me so nervous.  I pre ran the long straight away with woops and I went no faster then 5mph telling myself how violent this will be at speed.  Going into the actual race was brutal.  Running with air shocks in the rear and leaf springs in the front was rough.  This just made me want to go faster and I knew a different vehicle was required to compete.  This lead me into wanting a Trent Fab Top Shelf. After putting a new car together, I have put down more then 30 Short Course Races at Nor Cal Rock Racing.  This is one of the places that will break stuff and test the limits of what is the best of the best for parts.  In the season of 2021 I ended up with 3rd in Season Points for the 4800 Class.  

2014-2024 Ultra4 Racing


Starting off in 2014 with the very first Legends King of the Hammers Race and getting one mile from the finish line on my first race being taken out by a 25 cent fuse I have been hooked ever since that race.  I will be going on my 10th King of the Hammers race for the 2023 Season, and will be doing the entire West Coast Series.  I have raced countless Ultra4 Races and have no plans to stop.  I look forward to seeing more of the farther away races this year with the chance to travel and meet new people.  

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