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Holley LS Swap 4WD Truck Off-Road Oil Pan Rock Shield

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Holley's popular cast aluminum oil pans (P/Ns 302-4, 302-4BK, 302-24, and 302-24BK) designed to swap LS and LT engines into K10s and other trucks have just been brought to the next level. Vehicles that are actually going to be taken off-road need additional protection. That's where the 302-35 oil pan rock shield comes in. This extra protection is for those wanting to go above and beyond the already tougher cast pan and protect the most important system in the engine bay. Couple with a 302-33 (LS) or 302-34 (LT) hinged-door baffle kit to make your vehicle's oiling system as bulletproof as possible.


  • Direct bolt-on to 302-4 / 302-4BK Holley LS and 302-24 / 302-24BK Holley LT Swap Off-Road Oil Pans
  • Great for street, race, and off-road applications
  • Protects oil pan and filter from debris, rocks, and other potential hazards
  • Does not require dropping the pan to install.
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