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Fuel Cell 3 Gallon

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Holley Aluminum fuel cells come in a several variations for nearly every race application. They are offered in both flat bottom and rear sump variations to prevent fuel starvation under heavy acceleration. These fuel cells feature -10AN ORB fittings on the feed, return and vent ports, for high flow support and easy plumbing. They are made from 2.5mm thick 5052 TIG welded aluminum, with triangulated mounting tabs for added support and long-term reliability. The Holley aluminum fuel cells contain anti-slosh foam that is pre-cut to accept Holley fuel level senders. This foam is not E-85 compliant and should be removed if that fuel type is used. Compatible with the single and dual in-tank fuel pump modules.

  • Flat bottom, (8 x 8 x 11)" 3 Gallon
  • Offered in both flat bottom or rear sump to help prevent fuel starvation
  • -10AN ORB ports (feed, return, vent) for high flow
  • Readily adaptable -10AN ORB ports to -6AN, -8AN and -12AN avoids cutting and re-welding male weld bungs
  • ORB ports are welded from the inside for a clean look
  • Made from 2.5mm thick 5052 aluminum
  • Fully TIG welded
  • Modular design to be easily upgraded gives customer flexibility to add options to suit their needs
  • Anti-slosh foam included and pre-cut to clear fuel level sender *NOTE: foam is not E85 compatible*
  • Pre-welded triangulated mounted tabs for added support and easy installation
  • Includes flush-mount aircraft-style cap, fuel sender block-off plate, -10AN plugs and -10AN male adapters
  • 12-bolt flush-mount cap assembly can be upgraded to a billet fuel cap or an in-tank fuel cell pump module
  • 5-bolt fuel sender block-off plate can be removed and a fuel gauge tube level sender can be installed
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